Lips of Suna 0.8.0

Lips of Suna 0.8.0 has been released. Head to the project website for screenshots and download links. Don't forget to also post your feedback in the forums.

The release introduces some major new features, such as dungeons, and fixes several bugs and gameplay issues present in 0.7.0. Although not quite there yet, the game is rapidly becoming more and more playable.

Here's a more detailed list of the changes:

  • New player model and animations contributed by gruntunbur.
  • Lots of sound effects contributed by qubodup.
  • Originals of data files are now included to the package.
  • More powerful animation blending.
  • Randomly spawned crafting devices and obelisks are now accessible in-game.
  • Performance improvements.
  • Better eye, face and hair color customization.
  • Improvements to camera behavior.
  • Fixed the AI not being able to use many kind of weapons correctly.
  • Added a basic death camera.
  • Balancing of falling damage.
  • Improved some particle effects.
  • Fixed seams between terrain chunks sometimes not being render correctly.
  • Made black haze more disease-like.
  • Procedural map area placement and planning system.
  • Better terrain surface shapes with the Diamond-square algorithm.
  • Better grass density calculation for mountains.
  • Random castle wall generation.
  • Procedural dungeon generation with corridors, rooms, treasures and monsters.
  • Fixed the game not compiling against Bullet 2.82.
  • Fixed actors sometimes taking damage when spawning.
  • Separately customizable eyebrows, mouth and base face texture.
  • Integrated Julius' face textures from OpenGameArt.
  • Fixed the AI ignoring the cooldown time of some attacks.
  • Fixed NPCs sometimes failing to render.
  • Balanced the movement speed and physics behavior of player characters.
  • Fixed inaccurate aiming in displaced camera mode.
  • Terrain chunks close to the player character load much faster.
  • Several minor bugfixes and improvements.

There's no Windows binary since we are still looking for a Windows developer who could package the game for the platform. If you're interested in helping us with packaging or just development in general, contact us in the forums.

EDIT: A Windows binary has been added! Thanks belong to dimproject for building the executable.

Lips of Suna 0.7.0

Lips of Suna 0.7.0 has been released. Screenshots and links to the downloads can be found from the project website. Comments and feedback can be posted in the forum thread dedicated to the release.

Here's a brief list of the changes since the previous release:

  • New terrain system.
  • More responsive controls.
  • Real single player mode.
  • New spell and enchantment systems.
  • Many graphical improvements.
  • Added limited scope game modes.
  • Improved script performance.
  • Extended character modeling support.
  • User interface improvements.
  • Improved mod loading.
  • Major code cleanup.
  • Several less interesting changes.

There is no Windows binary for the time being. We are looking for someone who is willing to package and maintain the game on Windows. Of course, other contributions are welcome too.

Lips of Suna 0.6.0

Lips of Suna 0.6.0 is finally out. Just like nature intended, it took whole nine months to get the seeds of the release to develop into a kicking and screaming package. It was a long and difficult process, but we pulled it off thanks to primal instincts.

Grab the downloads and view screenshots in our website. An updated video of the game will be released a bit later, once I get my recording setup fixed. Feedback and discussion related to the release or the game in general is possible in our forums.

This release has substantial changes over the previous version. We have migrated to Ogre3D in order to reduce the work required by developing the graphics engine, as well as to get access to new features, such as rendering heightmaps, skyboxes, drop shadows and more dynamic particle effects. Large parts of the gameplay and the underlying code have also been revisited in hopes of improving the user experience and making it easier to add new content and features. The most important changes are listed below.

  • New graphics engine based on Ogre.
  • New keyboard-friendly user interface.
  • Added an overworld map area.
  • Added primitive labyrinth dungeons.
  • Added landmark objects that are visible from distance.
  • Added several new spells, skills and monsters.
  • Spells and skills can be unlocked by completing quests.
  • More responsive controls and better hit checking for attacks.
  • Several improvements to the AI.
  • Added random item fetching and NPC killing quests.
  • Added unique attacks and strategies for certain monsters.
  • Added cel-shading and outline rendering.
  • Added some new character creation settings.
  • Added an object specification browser to the editor.
  • Large rewrites to make adding and maintaining content easier.

Despite the progress, there is still a lot of work to be done. Many of the new features are half-baked, some of the old features are partially broken, and important features are still missing. We have a strong desire to improve the game and listen to feedback and opinions, but we could be doing even better if more people were involved to development.

If you would like to help the game develop faster, take a look at our wiki, particularly the tips to contributors.

New website

As you may have noticed, Lips of Suna has a new website. The site adds some new features, such as built-in blogs, a list of recent commits, and a neat list of online game servers. We hope that the new site will help us better communicate our progress in developing the game.

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